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There is NO Tower Blocking the Radar, it is the GROUND/Biology Absorbing the Radiation

December 27, 2014


Most of the TDWR Radar Pulsed Power is being absorbed and/or reflected in the area of Hopewell High School





The Beam is not hitting the nearby water tank and the only cell tower is further away, after the beam power has already been absorbed/reflected.

From → Biology, Geophysics

  1. Jerlyn Greulich permalink

    Please explain further– What is causing this? Where does it originate? I live within the boundaries; I have O.M. and I am VERY interested in this research. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Hope permalink

    Francis Bradley Middle School wants to allow a cell phone transmission tower to be built on its campus as discussed this year (2015). Apparently a revenue generator but what about its junior high students’ health & safety? Especially since many will go on to attend Hopewell HS down the road. Question: How will this cell phone tower impact this area?

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