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Our Atmosphere is a Quantum Flux Capacitor

January 16, 2015
Oklahoma City Earthequakes

Refracted Non-Isotropic Electromagnetic Radiation Profile Around Oklahoma City from 40! High Power, High Gain, Pulsed Microwave Radars. Seismic activity since 1/1/14 in orange. Areas of highest electromagnetic flux have the greatest chance of “atmospheric coupling”, triggering atmospheric booming and shallow earthquakes as the atmosphere discharges/grounds the energy to the Earth. 25,000 ft average cloud ceiling, 10 degree average radar dish angle. Conductive Fracking fluid provides a good low-resistance electrical path to ground. The atmosphere is acting like a capacitor, gradually charging from all of the pulsed EMF and and quickly discharging to the Earth in areas of highest EMF


We propose a mechanism to explain suggested links between seismic activity and ionospheric changes detected overhead. Specifically, we explain changes in the natural extremely low-frequency (ELF) radio noise recently observed in the topside ionosphere aboard the DEMETER satellite at night, before major earthquakes. Our mechanism utilizes increased electrical conductivity of surface layer air before a major earthquake, which reduces the surface-ionosphere electrical resistance. This increases the vertical fair weather current, and (to maintain continuity of electron flow) lowers the ionosphere. Magnitudes of crucial parameters are estimated and found to be consistent with observations. Natural variability in ionospheric and atmospheric electrical properties is evaluated, and may be overcome using a hybrid detection approach. Suggested experiments to investigate the mechanism involve measuring the cut-off frequency of ELF “tweeks”, the amplitude and phase of very low frequency radio waves in the Earth–ionosphere waveguide, or medium frequency radar, incoherent scatter or rocket studies of the lower ionospheric electron density.

Mysterious ‘Booms’ Rattle Oklahoma Amid Earthquakes

Mysterious Booms Rattle Homes, Scare Livestock in Oklahoma


Electrical Enginerds are destroying the World….

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  1. scoobus permalink

    so that makes us transducers?!

  2. scoobus permalink

    cosmic transducers even~

  3. scoobus permalink


    I get banned quite often in the conspirtard whirld when I spread the message of

    just so ya know~

    • I am shunned by many radar physicists, electrical engineers and conspiracy theorists. My dog still likes me though! As far as I can tell IEEE guidelines have granted the right for electrical engineers to pulse an unlimited amount of power through the atmosphere and our children. I think that is a fatal mistake and I am out to prove it (and I think I already have). Thanks for following.

  4. scoobus permalink

    yes, you already have.

    they will eventually catch up

    what it will take I don’t know

    but it’s sure to be an interesting ride either way!

    • I’ve launched a behind the scenes, multi-prong intellectual attack. I had to neutralize Einstein first, the rest should be easy…:)

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