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Texas Toast?

January 17, 2015
Dallas Radar Power Profile

Refracted Non-Isotropic Electromagnetic Radiation Pulsed Power Profile Around Dallas, TX from 15High Power, High Gain, Pulsed Microwave Radars. Seismic activity since 1/1/14 in orange. Areas of highest electromagnetic flux have the greatest chance of “atmospheric coupling”, triggering atmospheric booming and shallow earthquakes as the atmosphere discharges/grounds the energy to the Earth. 25,000 ft average cloud ceiling, 30 degree average radar dish angle. The atmosphere acts like a capacitor, discharging Power to the Earth in areas of highest EMF.

SMU seismologists discuss earthquakes with residents at Irving City Hall

Irving joins areas such as Cleburne, Azle and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport that have been rattled since long-dormant fault lines beneath North Texas began to wake up six years ago.“We go back to Halloween night 2008,” Stump said. “Prior to that event, there were no historic seismic events in the area.”Stump noted that Irving’s cluster of quakes shares similarities with others in the area.“All of the events since 2008 have been small,” he said. “And although startling to all of us when we feel them, they have not been large enough to cause significant damage.”

Atmospheric electricity coupling between earthquake regions and the ionosphere

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