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January 18, 2015
Wisconsin CWD

Chronic wasting disease (background squares/circles), Microwave radar pulsed power density and active flight paths(red lines) through Wisconsin & Illinois. O’Hare is a very busy Airport with lots of air traffic in/out.  Microwave reflection off airplane surfaces will increase radiation striking ground below.

USGS Chronic Wasting Map Here

My Google Earth Radar Database Here

My Conclusion: In areas of high pulsed microwave radar power density where there is lots of low altitude air traffic the area below is getting hosed by pulsed radiation reflecting off the airplanes and refracting off clouds/weather.  This is increasing disease rates below in wildlife and humans.

IEEE: Ignorant Electrical Engineers Electromagneticuting you.

That ought to get a rise out of them…(I only had to make up one new word)

From → Biology, Geophysics

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