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Extremely Rare Species! Kauai 2 1/2 legged Endangered Green Sea Turtle

March 24, 2015

Endangered Green Sea Turtle at Tunnels Beach, HI with 1 1/2 flippers destroyed and damaged shell. Chief Government Scientists have it narrowed down to between something to do with a rare flesh eating bacteria or rising oceans…


Dissolving Coral Reef in Kauai, HI. Chief Government Scientists have narrowed it down to either phases of the moon or global warming (P.S. coral likes warm water).


This is the US Government in Kauai looking for the criminals that broke the law (Endangered Species Act) by destroying both an endangered species and its habitat!

NAACP Protests

Wait, they have someone in custody…”But sir, those were just biological contaminants…”


BARKING SANDS – Capt. Bruce Hay, commander of the Pacific Missile Range Facility, is emphatic when he says, “We care more about the land than we do about the base.”

And then there are the turtles at Turtle Cove on the base.

“You don’t usually think about a military guy protecting the turtles,” Hay said. 

After all, he does have his hands full at the helm: tracking submarines, surface ships, aircraft and space vehicles.

But again, he is emphatic about the need to caretake the land and everything living on it. 

“There are three reasons to protect the turtles: moral, legal and operational,” Hay said.


PMRF Captain Hayes Explaining his love and protection of green sea turtles around Kauai

Ask Dr. Hawking!

Dr. Hawking, any clues? Do you think Captain Hay did it on the coral reef with the electronic warfare?

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