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I Pray for Light in Times of Darkness

June 17, 2015

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A few days ago I had a special National Geographic show air called “When Sharks Attack”. I will post the link in about a week so everyone can watch if they missed it on TV.

Shark101In the filming of the show I talk about how sharks are effected by the military electronic war games due to sonar blasting and electronic shocks. This may be causing the large sharks to move out of the military war zones like Kauai and go to Maui where there is little military activity.
The DLNR has tracked a group of large tiger sharks that congregated off the coast of Maui in shallow water. The military is doing its war games in the deep water trenches offshore of the north shore of Kauai, Oahu and the south shore of Lanai. This so happens to be the main locations the reefs are dying at lightening speed, along with Kaneohe Bay where the military test their equipment at the near by base.
The very day the TV show aired, a school of young thresher sharls beached themselves in Hanalei Bay near where the pilot whale died due to the Navy sonar last summer! These sharks normally live out at sea and cruise the surface eating small bait fish.
You can plainly see the ripped fins which we believe are caused by a radio frequency burn, more than likely from a military electronic weapon. Dolphin, turtles and sharks are showing up all over the place where the military is using massive amounts of sonar and microwave war antennas and weapons.
The military has an internal document telling its own personnel to stay over 3,000 feet away from these energy weapon tests, but the sharks, turtles and whales are not warned!! Neither are the millions of corals dying right now, or us surfers, swimmers and divers.

Whoa! Somebody has a new weapon!

Notice the burn marks on the sharks fins plus bleeding from the gills. Radio Frequency burns discharge electricity out of the narrow parts of the animal. Fins, gill plates, flippers and so on. The USGS has done extensive studies on “electroshocking” of fish and they reproduced these same effects in the lab. I worked with electroshocking salmon in California for the State and saw the damage to fish first hand.

Notice the turtles flippers at Tunnels have the same issue and also the toby fish all over the north shore of Kauai that are turning black with shredded fins.
These all are very classic electrical burns and this is effecting our marine life at an alarming rate along the north shore of Kauai!! One only needs to walk down the beach these days to find dead things or very unusual marine life behavior!
Just so people know, it is illegal to kill a coral reef that is habitat to endangered species. Even the US military needs to follow the US Endangered Species Act and this has been upheld in the highest courts of the USA.
I also showed a map showing the wattage of the military electronic devises near Kalalau and offshore. Not much could live with this type of electronic going on!
???????????????????????????????I wonder what next will show up dead at Tunnels or Hanalei, as this is an ongoing day by day activity for me documenting all the dead stuff!! I would rather be out having fun surfing or spear fishing!!
As the reef dies the damage to beaches and homes will dramatically accelerate so this effects all of us. The live coral reef breaks up the energy from the surf so the beach has little erosion. When the reef dies and reduces in size there is a direct and equal lose of beach sand and coastal homes!
As Jack Johnson’s song says “Be careful what you do, as it eventually it comes back to you”.  Just simple cause and effect.
Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei, Kauai
All Photographs  © 2014 Terry Lilly

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