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I Think it is Microwave Radiation Causing the Lymphoma Clusters In Houston, TX

June 19, 2015
Houston Cancer3

Black dots are incidences of T-cell lymphoma from the study referenced below. Lymphoma appears to be clustered in 3 areas of Houston. My research/theory suggests that areas of 1) high commercial aircraft traffic (with additional radars in the aircraft nose) combined with low flight paths over areas of microwave earthstations and pulsed microwave radars will see increased cancer due to electromagnetic induction of microwave radiation reflecting to the Earth/biology below triggering chronic, low-level electrical currents.

Houston Cancer4

Identification of geographic clustering and regions spared by cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in Texas using 2 distinct cancer registries
Ivan V. Litvinov MD, PhD1, Michael T. Tetzlaff MD, PhD2, Elham Rahme PhD3, Youssef Habel MPhil3, David R. Risser PhD4, Pamela Gangar MD5, Michelle A. Jennings MSc2, Kevin Pehr MD1, Victor G. Prieto MD, PhD2, Denis Sasseville MD1,*and
Madeleine Duvic MD5,* 
Article first published online: 27 FEB 2015
DOI: 10.1002/cncr.29301

Flight Corridor Information Here

My Google Earth Microwave Radar & Earthstation Database Here

Houston TDWR

Bad Actor? I think the high power, pulsed microwave radiation is reflecting off low flying aircraft and scattering right back to the surrounding area. 25 billion Watts of EIRP Power

radiation scattering DC10Combined

Microwave radar and earthstation radiation reflection off aircraft fuselage. Purple is highest power (back to surrounding Earth)

M.D. Anderson researchers, state differ on three Houston cancer clusters

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  1. ALCL is a t-cell lymphoma! Is this similar to Newport, NY

    • I Know! It appears to pop up around microwave transmitters near low flying aircraft. IMAGINE THAT!

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