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Only in the Military can you Injure/kill 100 birds and give yourself an environmental award

March 17, 2016

The Kokee Radar station has an FAA safe distance of 1700 feet but the military forgot to tell the birds.

Only in the Military can you injure/kill over a 100 adult birds…

“LIHUE, Kauai, HI — More than 100 endangered seabirds recently required care after falling from the sky due to lighting [WTF, those are some bright lights!?] issues at Kokee State Park.


Bird is probably sterile now…

A majority of the adult birds were Newell’s shearwaters, along with a few Hawaiian petrels. About 80 were injured this week around the Kokee Air Force station [25,000 Watt RADAR STATION with a 1700 foot safe distance], and nine died. Officials said faulty light positioning [BS – Diversion] at the tracking facility likely reflected off dense fog and created poor navigability and resulted in collisions and falls.” [More BS]


And give yourself an environmental stewardship award..

Two Hawaii-Based Navy Commands Advance to Win Secretary of Navy Environmental Awards

“The “Dark Sky” initiative, which directs the turning off of all non-essential exterior lighting on PMRF during the Newell Shearwater, Hawaiian and Band-Rumped Storm Petrel migration season, has reduced “fallout” by these endangered birds that are naturally attracted to light.  100+ birds hit the deck around the 25,000 watt radar station

“Although the accolades are nice, I am much more satisfied knowing that the entire PMRF Ohana takes their kuleana (responsibility) seriously.  Respecting and protecting the aina (land) while running the premier training and test range is not just what we do, it is who we are,” said Capt. Bruce Hay, Commanding Officer, PMRF.”


Military, Come get your reward


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