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OM research pool expands, so does search for cause

June 29, 2017


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  1. Stephen Durant permalink

    Has anyone taken the research you’ve done about Doplar Radar and Eye Cancer in Huntersville NC serious? – I’m patient 17! They just had another one with OM in October 2017!!!!!

    • Stephen,

      FYI, I am also getting a lot of interest in my recent high voltage transmission line study in conjunction with the geospatial study supplied by others. We are preparing to do some testing in the area.

      • Stephen Durant permalink

        Thanks – when I originally saw your comparison of power line setup’s between Huntersville and Auburn, I forwarded it to various contacts including Huntersville researchers, newspaper reporters, Facebook page owners etc.

      • I appreciate you forwarding. Even though I spent two years researching the area along with the pulsed radar installation, the geospatial has me convinced it may be the UV radiation generated from the high voltage power lines. The problem may come and go depending upon maintenance of the lines, weather conditions and exposure time/location. I hope your health is doing OK.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for reading. To answer your question, the following has happened/is happening:

    1) Based upon the radar database I put together 3 years ago and observations of wildlife diseases I correlated vs. locations of radar stations, a university researcher is looking at human disease rates around similar radar stations (for the past 3 years), including your area. I am not sure when, but a peer reviewed research paper should be published looking at correlation strengths – I am not involved directly in the analysis.
    2) I did have a request for correspondence from researchers in Philadelphia specifically about the Huntersville eye cancer cluster. I shared everything I knew at the time about the radar/radiation in the area – that was over a year ago.
    3) The radar operators did respond to my request to verify the radar was not striking a water tower as claimed on their website, and told me the beam was striking another microwave tower ~ 5 miles away and damaging it(which didn’t make me feel any better) which is why a slice is turned off toward the lake.
    4) I did get a call from a reporter at the Lake Norman newspaper and he has written a couple of articles mentioning my research. He also connected me with a retired electrical engineer in the area and he did a field survey and once we knew what we were looking for we detected the 5.6 GHz radiation from the radar fairly easily and discovered it appears to be striking a few other structures in the area. That information was documented in a paper you may have read:

    Since the problem is with the eyes I remain convinced it may be a microwave radiation exposure problem in your area. Young females that spend extra time tanning in the Sun and looking up could have the highest exposure as well as others who spend more time outside or driving in the area.



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