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Buried beneath the message itself is the key to decoding it?…

July 6, 2017

“A team of Earth Scientists lead by Kéiko Hattori, of the University of Ottawa, and Stew Hamilton, of the Ontario Geological Survey, have shed light on the nature of the peculiar forest rings since beginning research into them in 1998.  They believe that the forest rings are caused by huge, naturally occurring electrochemical cells, i.e. big centres of negative charge (called reduced chimneys). These are known to geologists to often sit over mineral and methane deposits. [Crop Circles sit over Mineral and Methane Deposits] As Elle Andra-Warner explains, it is best to “think of them as huge natural electrical batteries.” The negative charge from the ‘batteries’ radiates outwards and where it meets positively charged oxygen in the soil the interaction of the opposite charges creates acidic conditions. This then eats away at the carbonate soil covering the region, resulting in a circular depression around the natural battery and stunted tree growth.”

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