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I just went running, and here is what I found…

August 7, 2019

Elevated Thyroid Cancer

Here is why I looked:

“Living less than 20 km from [Nuclear Power Plants] NPP was associated with a significant increase in the risk of thyroid cancer in good quality studies.”

“Increased risk of thyroid cancer in female residents nearby nuclear power plants in Korea: was it due to detection bias?”


And here is what I used for information:


Jan 2019 2012-2016There is a slightly newer version of this available online




5. Google Earth Pro

And here is what I hypothesize is the cause:


That coastal area has a high population density and a high concentration of high voltage transmission lines crossing public areas from the two local power plants.  Electrons don’t actually stay on those high voltage lines, they take all paths and ionize the nitrogen in the air and emit UVc radiation and ionize us.

The UVc radiation is generated by the strong electric field around the high voltage transmission lines (500 kV, 250kV, 125 kV and 67.5 kV) depending upon the varying voltage, current and resistance in the lines and local weather conditions.  The lines also generate ozone and NOx emissions, which are very corrosive to biology.



And here is what too much UV(ionizing) radiation does to you:


I’m gonna keep running for a while to see what else I find…

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