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……….10 Years

August 11, 2019

clyde cluster

67kV and HV SS



You will see the high voltage transmission lines in the top left of the brochure.


The last time I walked a family bike path beneath high voltage transmission lines and beside a high voltage substation I found another cancer cluster in kids…

We were all taught in school electrons travel along a wire…they don’t.  In quantum field theory the electron is just an excitation of the fundamental electric field, and those flowing electrons take all paths, including the family bike path…

That energetic 67.5 kV electric field has plenty of energy to ionize nitrogen and, well, you and I over time.

That purple glow, which you cannot see with your eyes is ionizing radiation.  you need a special camera to see it.  You will notice many of the flashes of ionizing UVc radiation are not located on the wires, they are in the air around the pylons, because the field is everywhere.  Field strength at the ground can be a few thousand volts/meter.  The Earth’s natural field is approx. 100 volts/meter.

Why the military industrial complex chose to make that area beneath these high voltage transmission lines a family recreation area is beyond me…

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