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Feeling Very Blue

April 2, 2014

Feeling BlueSo it is “World Autism Awareness Day”. I would not have expected I would be writing about Autism two years ago when I started my “weather” research.  I thought I would take a few minutes to explain to my readers why I am talking about it and how my research has brought me here.  My 28 years of practical chemical engineering logic (sometimes to a fault) brought me along this path.

My research started as I made a hypothesis that our atmosphere contained a large amount of “Dark Energy” or “Quantum Vacuum” creating what we call the “Weather” as it decays around us.  I call it “Dark Vacuum Energy”.  Research this week is supporting my claim (at least on a universal scale) that it exists.

Strangely enough, my research began by plotting “sinkholes” in the Earth that open up during storms and later plotting “dead fish” due to hypoxia that many times occur after storms. I thought that the “Dark Vacuum Energy” in the atmosphere might be gradually ionizing the Earth during storms (not hard to imagine due to lightning discharge, etc.) and creating the sinkholes as well as ionizing the waterways and the dissolved oxygen within them. Oxygen has a relatively low ionization energy.  I did this manually each night for approx. six months (my wife is very supportive…)

What I noticed surprised me.  It appeared (visually) that >80% of the fish kills AND sinkholes were occurring in the same areas.  You would not necessarily relate the two unless one thought the atmosphere might be triggering both.  What occurred to me next was that the areas of fish kills due to hypoxia (and many times associated algae blooms & red tide) appear to be happening more around Doppler Microwave Radar Towers, mostly within 30 miles or less.  It also appeared to be worse in areas with multiple radar towers.  The atmosphere appears to be acting “acidic” around the radar towers and donating protons and gradually dissolving limestone. These towers are NOAA weather radar towers, FAA surveillance radars and Military tracking radars.Most of them are 10 to 100 times more powerful than cell towers and operate in the 2.7 GHz to 6 Ghz frequency range.  They pulse their energy as opposed to being continuous, else they would cook you like a microwave oven, as they use the same heating element, a “magnetron” or “klystron”.  I think the electromagnetic pulses from the Doppler are getting scattered, bent and attenuated by “Dark Vacuum Energy” that is decaying in our atmosphere.

I had a very nice graduate student email me on my blog and offer to show me how to run basic statistics on my data to see if there was a statistical correlation between Doppler microwave radar tower locations and locations of dead fish. I wrote a short Python program to compute p-Values. I chose Florida because they have a good wildlife database that tracks fish kill locations. They also have a large number of Radar Towers (>30).  The statistics came out repeatedly with p-Values <0.01 for the null hypothesis “No relationship between Doppler Radar Tower locations within 10,15,20 miles of dead fish due to hypoxia(lack of oxygen), red tide and algae blooms”. The Indian River Lagoon area happened to attract me because in addition to the 100,000 +/- dead fish over two years they also have dolphins and fish with cancers, hundreds of dead manatees as well as dead pelicans.  They also have approx 10 high powered, pulsed military, FAA and NOAA radars within a 25 mile area.

I then researched other diseases related to hypoxia and “free oxygen radical damage” and there are at least 70 of them, Autism being one.  In my research on autism, I found a few data points that supported my hypothesis.  South Korea has the highest Autism rate at 1/38 children and they also have the highest concentration of Doppler radars. In a Minnesota county in the 1995 time frame, the incidence of Autism jumped 800%.  This was the same time period that two high powered, pulsed radars started up in the area.  Now that I have developed a large radar database I recently looked at the autism clusters along California (last few posts) and they all appear to be situated near/adjacent to one or more high powered, pulsed radars.

Lastly, if my theory were to be correct, this high powered, pulsed microwave radiation should effect all biology, that is when I noticed that we have “chronic wasting” issues around all of our missile/radar bases near Cape Canaveral, White Sands, Pacific Sands.

I researched the concern from scientists in the 1990’s before the 200 weather radars were installed. Interestingly I cannot see where anybody has done a 5,10,15,20,25 year study on any biological effects sinse from these radars.  Meanwhile, the most “advanced” country in the world now has 1/68 kids born with brain damage (Autism) and 1/6 kids with some type of disability.

I think we have gotten something wrong, something VERY WRONG.  And I think it is getting worse.  I think our scientists have ignored the radars because the government hired radar electrical engineers and physicists that have told them there is no problem. I have garnered enough attention that I was asked to pass my radar information to other researchers and I have done that.

As a chemical engineer I realize that chemicals and pollution can also do damage.  I know that if you put that same pollution and those chemicals in a weakly ionizing microwave “bath” they become much more reactive. Much of my research and this blog has tried to falsify my hypothesis. I have not been able to do that myself.  I will leave that to others and I will wait and see what comes of it. I would not wait too long though, because at 1/68 kids, that is 59,000 children in the US alone that will be born with Autism this year, not to mention the 667,000 in total that will be born with some type of disability.

I still believe in America, if there were not “freedom of the press” I would not be able to write this blog and you, whoever you are would not be reading it. I am sure I am not making any friends in the military or government, but if it helps save one kid and family a lifetime of autism it would be worth it.

Godspeed and support and pray for those autistic kids and their parents, they need every bit of it.  Here is a song

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